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In Kanye West's new video for Famous, naked celebrities like Amber Rose, Chris Brown and Donald Trump seem to lie in bed naked together. [Read More]
We're still reeling from Kanye West's shocking 'Famous' music video! The unbelievable premiere featured naked images of Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Caitlyn Jenner and tons more, and fans are losing their freakin' minds!... [Read More]
It's no secret that much of Scotland despises Donald Trump, and has for years, thanks to his controversial golf course plans and his showy arrogance when visiting his mother's homeland. He made his... [Read More]
Carroll Correll Jr of Virginia seeks judgment of behalf of both major parties' delegates, arguing state laws force him to vote against his conscience... [Read More]
We were expecting Kanye West's massive 'Famous' music video release event on June 24 to be crazy, but we had no idea what he had in store for us! His video featured a... [Read More]
You're going to be reading a lot of stories about the Brexit vote being a warning that Donald Trump can win. Those stories will be wrong. Brexit apparently has won,... [Read More]
Some impulses that drove the vote to leave the European Union are at play in the presidential race, but the differences are just as stark. [Read More]
'You're seeing the first shot fired with Brexit'... [Read More]
The media elites are pushing the meme today that the Brexit has nothing to do with Donald Trump and Donald ... [Read More]
Henry Paulson, a Republican who was U.S. Treasury secretary during the 2008 financial meltdown, on Friday called a Donald Trump presidency "unthinkable" and said he will vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton. [Read More]
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has backtracked from his neutral position on the Israel-Palestine conflict, and is now "committed" to supporting Israeli settlement expansion on territories it has seized illegally, according to an... [Read More]
The ballots have been cast, the decision has been made: after 43 years of being part of the European Union, the U.K. is divorcing the 28-nation organization. And there is no shortage of... [Read More]
Aziz Ansari has penned a scathing op-ed slamming Donald Trump's "xenophobic rhetoric" in the aftermath of the tragic Orlando shooting. [Read More]
Speaker Paul Ryan supports the Obama Agenda, Amnesty, endless Syrian "Refugees" and rejects Donald Trump and what he stands for. ... [Read More]
In the aftermath of the Orlando shooting and Donald Trump's renewed call for a ban on Muslims entering the U.S., comedian Aziz Ansari is fighting back. [Read More]
Comedian Aziz Ansari has spoken out about what he labels the "vitriolic and hate-filled rhetoric" perpetuated by presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump against Muslim Americans. [Read More]
Aziz Ansari recounts how he warned his mother not to pray at a mosque because of Donald Trump's anti-Muslim comments after Orlando. [Read More]
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, celebrating the U.K. Brexit vote, took the decision as a sign the world is awash with nationalist, anti-elite sentiment that will propel his candidacy in the U.S. [Read More]
A delegate to the Republican national convention from Virginia filed a federal lawsuit Friday to avoid being bound to vote for Donald Trump on the first ballot in Cleveland. The delegate, Carroll... [Read More]
Aziz Ansari slams Donald Trump in a New York Times op-ed over his proposed Muslim ban. [Read More]
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Great Britain's decision to leave the European Union was a warning for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's general election hopes. During a Facebook Live Q&A, Gingrich... [Read More]
Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton regained a double-digit lead over Republican rival Donald Trump this week, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Friday. [Read More]
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On Thursday, the people of the U.K. voted to break away from the European Union. The referendum "Brexit," or Britain's exit, threw the world's financial markets into a frenzy and created more questions... [Read More]
Donald Trump's policies would destroy, not save, U.S. jobs, and his divisive rhetoric would widen our partisan divide. [Read More]
On Friday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer observed that Britain's vote to leave the European Union "would appear in the short term...[to be] a victory for Donald Trump and his political world view... [Read More]
BY INSTINCT Americans cheer declarations of independence, especially when those going it alone claim to be throwing off the shackles of foreign tyranny. A certain note of piquant irony may intrude when the... [Read More]
A new poll of San Diego, California residents finds the vast majority would support a massive tax hike to deport illegal aliens. The survey, conducted by KGTV and the San Diego Union-Tribune, reveals... [Read More]
Donald Trump welcomed the United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union, calling it Friday a declaration of independence and likening it to the opportunity Americans will have in November to vote for... [Read More]
Amy Davidson writes about Brexit, Donald Trump's appearance in Scotland, and what the E.U. referendum says about the U.S. Presidential election. [Read More]
Donald Trump was quick Friday morning to link Britain's stunning vote to leave the European Union to his own crusade for the White House. [Read More]
Turn off all the lights. We're not home! [Read More]
It would be hard to think of a more dystopian moment than Donald Trump crowing about Brexit in Scotland the day after the fateful UK referendum. The fact that the birthplace of Mr... [Read More]
Financial capitalism survived the 2008 global crash. Liberal democracy has not fared so well. There is a connection. Political elites are under pressure everywhere in the west. Donald Trump is a candidate for... [Read More]
Mary Pilon on Donald Trump's mother, who emigrated from Scotland in the nineteen-thirties, and his speech at the Trump Turnberry golf course this week. [Read More]
"Jimmy Kimmel Live" asked some of Trump's strongest supporters how the Trump train could get derailed. Brace yourself. [Read More]
Comedian Simon Brodkin crashed Donald Trump's Scottish golf course opening and tried to present him with swastika golf balls. [Read More]
Donald Trump asserted his support for Brexit and compared it to his 2016 Presidential campaign. [Read More]
Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., praised the United Kingdom for voting to leave the European Union, and said the U.S. needs to take a similar step to take its country back. Now it's our... [Read More]
"You're such a Gobshite...".. [Read More]
Donald Trump and Nigel Farage have much in common: disdain for immigrants and extreme nationalism... [Read More]

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